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Digital Design

Illustrator, PowerPoint, Keynote, Watchout
and Prezi
Many productions are conceived with the best intentions, only to be let down through poorly designed or executed graphics; multiple bullet points, lines and lines of trivial or minute text and over complicated graphs. This can look messy and often unintelligible from a distance and so becomes an irrelevance to the audience. ​
At Bedrockcreative we offer a bespoke service starting with the design of background templates right up to full implementation of your presentations with embedded videos, flash files, audio tracks, complex animations and charts for any environment.
Using additional packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator, our designers offer a full pre-production services and will be onsite to support and operate at your event.
Our team are fully conversant in Watchout, Prezi, PowerPoint and Keynote formats.
Powerpoint, keynote
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