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Project Management / Production Services

Effective Production and Project management is the key to success, regardless of the scale of the project. The Project Manager is both the interface and the coordinator between the client, designer, contractors and installation team.
In addition to internal liaison with members of your own staff pre event, site coordination is required, as there are various disciplines that will need to be briefed on your technical requirements, determining how this will be factored into the project time frame. Our project managers have a wealth of event planning knowledge and experience, this gives them full understanding of every aspect of the project. Our project management will achieve this through continuity of communication, dialogue with all parties and a total understanding of the client’s expectations:
  • Understanding your client requirements
  • Facilitate effective communication throughout the project
  • The backup and support of a great team behind you
  • Enabling timely and tidy delivery of the project, within budget
  • A satisfied client, leading to repeat business
Project management

Project Planning meetings

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Room Plans and Layouts

:Promoting business from a solid base

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